The suspension information is supplied by the Football Association and County Football Associations and the Ebac Northern League cannot be responsible for those dates shown or not shown.

Last update - 21st October, 2019 - 17.00

* Suspended from ALL FOOTBALL from the starting date to the end date (both dates inclusive)

Surname Forename Other Name Team Suspended From Suspended To Disc Type
Banks Ciaran William Shildon 19-Oct-19   2 Matches Pending
Carling Leon Dale Guisborough Town 18-Oct-19   Rule 6.4.1.
Chapman Daniel James Thornaby 12-Oct-19 26-Oct-19 3 Matches
Coppen Curtis Rhys Ashington 26-Oct-19   Match Pending
Fenton Jake   Sunderland West End 22-Oct-19 22-Oct-19 1 Match
Gibson Stephen Richard Ashington 22-Oct-19   Match Pending
Hall Daryll Samuel Bishop Auckland 22-Oct-19   Match Pending
Halton Jack Ryan Chester-le-Street Town 19-Oct-19   3 Matches Pending
Hannah Kallum Paul Billingham Town 16-Oct-19   2 Matches Pending
Home-Jackson Joshua Leon Easington Colliery 28-Oct-19   Sine Die
Hope Kris   Easington Colliery 28-Oct-19   Sine Die
Jones Shane   West Allotment Celtic 26-Oct-19   Matches Pending
Lay Danni James Sunderland Ryhope C.W. 26-Oct-19   Match Pending
Luke David Alexander Ashington 26-Oct-19   Match Pending
Martin James Ronald Whitley Bay 22-Oct-19   Match Pending
Reay Callum   Durham City 15-Oct-19   3 Matches Pending
Simpson Jacob David Carlisle City 21-Oct-19   Rule 6.4.1.
Slocombe Matthew David Consett 23-Oct-19   Match Pending
Swales Martin   Sunderland R.C.A. 18-Oct-19 23-10-19 2 Match Stadium Ban
Tarling Sean Michael Brandon United 26-Oct-19   Match Pending
Trotter Ben   Shildon 02-Nov-19 02-Nov-19 1 Match
Young Scott Robert Seaham Red Star 22-Oct-19   1 Match Pending