The suspension information is supplied by the Football Association and County Football Associations and the Ebac Northern League cannot be responsible for those dates shown or not shown.

Last update - 27th September, 2022 - 15.45

* Suspended from ALL FOOTBALL from the starting date to the end date (both dates inclusive)

Surname Forename Other Name Team Suspended From Suspended To Disc Type
Bamborough Scott Frederick Heaton Stannington 14-Sep-22 01-Oct-22 3 Matches
Brown Declan Lee Ferguson Trafford Crook Town 03-Oct-22   Sine Die
Crust Matthew   Northallerton Town 01-Oct-22 01-Oct-22 1 Match
Duell Aaron   Washington 15-Sep-22 27-Sep-22 3 Matches
Graham Steven   Boldon C.A. 20-Sep-22   3 Matches Pending
Harwood James Michael West Auckland Town 10-Sep-22 01-Oct-22 3 Matches
Holland Joshua   Birtley Town 01-Oct-22   Matches Pending
Honour Jack Robert Birtley Town 27-Sep-22 30-Sep-22 1 Match
Howard John Norman Northallerton Town 27-Sep-22 01-Oct-22 1 Match
Larkin Benjamin James Willington 03-Oct-22   Sine Die
Lowery-Matondo Lucas Lowery West Allotment Celtic 24-Sep-22 27-Sep-22 2 Matches Pending
McBride Andrew William Heaton Stannington 19-Sep-22 04-Oct-22 3 Matches*
Munro Callum   Newton Aycliffe 01-Oct-22   1 Match Pending (FA VASE)
Pattison Mark Edward Birtley Town 13-Sep-22 24-Sep-22 3 Matches
Pearson Jack Morgan West Allotment Celtic 24-Sep-22 27-Sep-22 1 Match
Potter Liam Matthew West Auckland Town 13-Sep-22 01-Oct-22 3 Matches
Roberts Steven David Thornaby 01-Oct-22   Matches Pending
Robson Scott   Whickham 02-Oct-22   Matches Pending
Rookes Christopher David Chester-le-Street Town 11-Sep-22 08-Oct-22 6 Matches*
Salim Abubaker Muhamed Jarrow 24-Sep-22 27-Sep-22 2 Matches
Scott Michael   West Allotment Celtic 24-Sep-22 27-Sep-22 2 Matches
Stephenson Mark George Crook Town 20-Sep-22 01-Oct-22 2 Matches* Stadium Ban
Wotherspoon Liam Colin Blyth Town 28-Sep-22   2 Matches Pending