The suspension information is supplied by the Football Association and County Football Associations and the Ebac Northern League cannot be responsible for those dates shown or not shown.

Last update - 31st January, 2023 - 15.00

* Suspended from ALL FOOTBALL from the starting date to the end date (both dates inclusive)

Surname Forename Other Name Team Suspended From Suspended To Disc Type
Armstrong Jack   Crook Town 06-Feb-23   Sine Die
Brewis Cameron   Whitley Bay 02-Feb-23   Matches Pending
Brown Gary Alan West Auckland Town 20-Jan-23 03-Feb-23 3 Matches
Douglas Keith   Newcastle University 03-Jan-23 04-Feb-23 3 Matches
Garton Foster George Redcar Town 31-Jan-23   1 Match Pending
Gladstone Daniel Paul West Allotment Celtic 16-Dec-22 07-Feb-23 4 Matches*
Hayton George Michael Blyth Town 10-Dec-22 04-Feb-23 3 Matches
Hyde William   Newcastle Benfield 21-Nov-22   3 Matches* Stadium Ban
Jones Daniel Patrick Northallerton Town 01-Feb-23   2 Matches Pending
Judson Bailey Paul Seaham Red Star 02-Feb-23   Matches Pending
Keenan Steven James Boro Rangers 04-Feb-23   Matches Pending
Lay Danni James Bishop Auckland 14-Jan-23 31-Jan-23 2 Matches
Potter Liam Matthew West Auckland Town 14-Jan-23 11-Feb-23 4 Matches
Reeve Lewis   Willington 21-Jan-23   3 Matches Pending
Renshaw Christopher Stephen Tow Law Town 31-Jan-23 04-Feb-23 1 Match
Richardson Shay   Whickham 21-Jan-23 01-Feb-23 3 Matches
Riding Ben James Billingham Town 04-Feb-23   Matches Pending
Thirsk Jordan   Willington 04-Feb-23   Matches Pending
Wotherspoon Liam Colin Blyth Town 10-Dec-22 11-Feb-23 5 Matches
Wright Liam   Horden C.W. 17-Dec-22   6 Matches* Pending
Young Kaleb Harry Peter Whickham 31-Jan-23   3 Matches Pending