The suspension information is supplied by the Football Association and County Football Associations and the Ebac Northern League cannot be responsible for those dates shown or not shown.

Last update - 14th July, 2018 - 11.00

* Suspended from ALL FOOTBALL from the starting date to the end date (both dates inclusive)

Surname Forename Other Name Team Suspended From Suspended To Disc Type
Chapman Daniel James Thornaby 14-May-18   3 Matches Pending
Chow Paul John Hebburn Town 04-Aug-18 15-Aug-18 3 Matches
Crainey Taylor Lee Thornaby 12-May-18   1 Match Pending
Dunn Jamie Paul Ryton & Crawcrook Albion 21-May-18   Sine Die
Gilson Craig   Durham City 02-May-18   3 Matches Pending
Knight Dennis   Newcastle Benfield 04-Aug-18   4 Matches Pending
McKinnon Ryan Peter Robson Consett 28-Apr-18   3 Matches Pending
O'Neill Nathan James Sunderland R.C.A. 10-May-18   3 Matches Pending
Regan Daniel John Heaton Stannington 10-May-18   1 Match Pending
Wardle Paul   Bedlington Terriers 28-Apr-18   3 Matches Pending