The suspension information is supplied by the Football Association and County Football Associations and the Ebac Northern League cannot be responsible for those dates shown or not shown.

Last update - 15th March, 2019 - 18.00

* Suspended from ALL FOOTBALL from the starting date to the end date (both dates inclusive)

Surname Forename Other Name Team Suspended From Suspended To Disc Type
Allan Josh   Washington 23-Feb-19 30-Mar-19 4 Matches
Atkinson Zak Dalton Shildon 16-Mar-19 06-Apr-19 4 Matches
Bligh Thomas Malcolm Billingham Synthonia 12-Mar-19 16-Mar-19 1 Match
Cobain Nathan   Esh Winning 16-Mar-19   2 Matches Pending
Davis Kyle   Sunderland R.C.A. 23-Feb-19   3 Matches Pending
Drazdauskas Daniel   Redcar Athletic 02-Mar-19 16-Mar-19 2 Matches
Fortune John Lloyd Esh Winning 05-Nov-18   Sine Die
Halpin Connor James Esh Winning 09-Mar-19   2 Matches Pending
Harker Ethan Davey Shildon 02-Mar-19   3 Matches Pending
Johnson Daniel Robert Esh Winning 02-Mar-19 23-Mar-19 3 Matches
Marron Craig Thomas Chester-le-Street Town 16-Mar-19 23-Mar-19 2 Matches
Mitchell David Reuben Tow Law Town 12-Mar-19 23-Mar-19 3 Matches
O'Connor Dominic Francis Billingham Synthonia 02-Mar-19   3 Matches Pending
Parnaby Kieron Stephen Willington 20-Mar-19   1 Match Pending
Patton Kyle   Bishop Auckland 16-Mar-19 30-Mar-19 3 Matches
Stafford Jake Michael Dunston UTS 09-Mar-19 16-Mar-19 2 Matches